Types of Cowboys

What type of Cowboy are you?
What Type of Cowboy are you?

Tried & True Cowboy

From Western Florida to the “Old West” you live for the open range and the feel of your saddle.  You’re the heart of America. When others grow weary, you grow stronger. Your boots represent far more than fashion; they represent your lifestyle.  You’re courageous and able to make a statement without saying a word.

Blue Collar Cowboy

Your work ethic commands the respect of others.  You wake up early and get more done before most get coffee.  You might serve and protect, build, or use a jack-hammer. You’re tough and durable. You wear safety-toe boots because you kick butt on the job and need the right protection.  You get the job done and done right.

Saltwater Cowboy

You work hard all week to get to the weekend and get to the water.  You’d rather catch some rays and a red snapper than wrangle the herd.  But make no mistake, you’re still a cowboy. Your sunglasses are an extension of who you are… so are your tee shirt and flip- flops.  You’ve earned your weekend away from the grind and you’re going to take it.

Adrenaline Cowboy

You enjoy adventure, the outdoors and the rush of adrenaline.  You’re a no pain, no gain kind of person. Competitive. Aggressive.  Fearless. Don’t ever let someone dare you to do something… cause you might just do it.  Although you win a lot – winning is not your ultimate goal. Instead you seek the thrill, the experience, the rush.  

Cowboy at Heart

Your vocation or your work schedule don’t allow you to properly express your inner-cowboy self during the work week.  Instead of working a range, you work a desk. You do it because that’s what puts bread on the table. It’s honorable. Rest assured, the first chance you get to ‘cowboy up’ after hours, you take it. Whether is swapping the dress shoes for cowboy boots, or dress pants for Wranglers, you do it because that’s who you are – and don’t you forget it.  

Cowboy Apprentice

You’re not quite a cowboy yet, but you’re on the cusp.  You might like pick-up trucks and the right music … but you don’t have the swagger of the true cowboy.  Not yet, anyway. Why not? What’s hold you back? Maybe it’s time you owned it. Reach down deep and find the inner toughness.  That cowboy spirit awaits you. Get real with yourself and others… and get your boots on.