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Costa del Mar Sunglasses are an exceptional choice when it comes to wearing high-quality shades to protect your eyes under the bight sun. Whether you're driving in the hot Florida sun or outdoors playing and enjoying your favorite sports or adventures cruising the waterways in your boat to find that next big school of fish, Costa sunglasses have you covered!

Sunglasses for Work and Play

When you enjoy exploring and working in the great outdoors and sport fishing out on the water like we do, you need to get a pair of Costa sunglasses for that next big trip out in the sun. Quality matters, and when it comes to wearing Costa frames and lenses that feature top of the line polarized protection for your eyes, that purchase pays off every day by allowing you to see much better with less eye strain, even when riding directly into a sunrise and sunset or catching those fish through glaring reflections on the water.

Polarized Costa del Mar Shades

Cost del Mar offers polarized lenses are extremely lightweight and durable which is what makes them ideal for demanding sporting environments and those blazing sun-rays. Costa del Mar uses three lens materials: glass, CR-39, and polycarbonate. All of their sun-glass lenses are 100% polarized and have 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Eliminate Sun Glares and Look Great

When it comes to reliable sunglasses that will last, Costa Del Mar makes two quality levels of lenses for different environments and their assortment of sunglass frames as well. The 400 lens is offered in each of the three materials. It is designed to eliminate glare at a wavelength of 400 nanometers, which is on the blue end of the light spectrum to give the wearer clearer vision and little or no eyestrain. The 580 lens is the company's premium series that eliminates glares at a wavelength of 580 nanometers, which is in the yellow part of the light spectrum and the hardest light for your eyes to process. That is why the pro-series 580 lenses in Cost sunglasses will almost completely eliminate glare from your view when wearing and provide and enhanced definition with vibrant color saturation.

Durable Shades for Any Activity

Costa del Mar sunglasses are also known for extreme durability that is backed by a very pleasing replacement and return policy. The polycarbonate lenses are even coated to be scratch resistant which makes them perfect for all activities outdoors. Another great benefit that comes with buying, owning and wearing Costa del Mar sunglasses is, that If you set them down or they fall off on the boat ramps, boardwalks, ball fields or beaches into gritty sand, you won't have to worry about your glasses getting all scratched up. You can even look to buy some of their other lenses which are glass, that are inherently scratch resistant to begin with.

Costa del Mar Sunglasses for Men & Women

Remember, there are plenty of Costa del Mar designs for guys to enjoy wearing, most of which are sporty along with a few styles that gear more towards being fashion-forward. No matter what type of sunglasses you like, these styles of shades from Costa are basically great looking, sporty sunglasses that take eye protection and good visibility to the next level of eye wear perfection. There also have many wonderful styles for women that are very unique and pretty. One of those popular ladies styles of sunglasses includes a tortoise shell frame with polarized blue mirror lenses, that will always provide you with a great look to enhance any outfit. Their women's sunglass shades offer a great balance between gorgeous and smart. Their collection of women's sunglasses also feature premium 580 glass lenses as an option, which will cut out all the glare to help you see better while looking amazing.

Popular Shades for Active People

If you're an active outdoor person who wears shades often to protect your eyes and knows what you want in a great pair of performance sunglasses, but aren't absolutely sure where to start with the impressively huge selection of Costa del Mar sunglasses, the Blackfin, South Point, Tuna Alley or Shipmaster styles are all a great place to start. These shades offer unique popular styles in a shape and size that feels great on many guy's faces. These shades for men also offer a 580 series glass lens, and you can get the lenses in traditional gray, polarized green mirror, or polarized silver mirror just to name a few. Rest assured when you buy Costa sunglasses, they'll always allow your eyes to see better than a wearing a typical pair of cheap sunglasses. With Cost del Mar sunglasses, you can always feel and look terrific with clear vision on or off the water to make the most of every day when out riding, playing, working or fishing.

Design and Buy a Great Pair of Sunglasses Fast

These examples above are just a few of the many great polarized sunglass designs for men and women to enjoy when it comes to high quality Costa del Mar shades. So why not have a look for yourself, there are tons of frame styles and lens options to choose from and you can be assured that regardless of which one you design to build or buy, you will always be getting a great pair of shades that feature an unmatched replacement policy with the highest quality glare reduction lenses and strongest frames one can buy.

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